Guidelines to build a Successful Career in Turkey

Turkey is known for its warm culture and hospitable citizens. Although the country faces an employment rate of almost nine percent, Turkey hosts lots of employment opportunities and boasts a high record of business opportunities. Consequentially, turkey transforms not only as a tourist destination but also as a global hub for developing careers. The guide offered in this article analyses the Turkish visa policy and the tips for building a successful career in turkey.


Turkish Visa

Any person planning to build his or her career in turkey should first of all fulfil the basic Turkish entry requirement. The person must first of all obtain a Turkish visa. The Turkish visa policy demands that any visitor to turkey must get a visa from the Turkish diplomatic missions. The rule applies to Turkish visitors from all countries except the one hundred and twenty countries whose citizens enter the turkey visa free or obtain Turkish visas on arrival in turkey. Similarly, the Turkish government also offers its visitors an on-line visa application program which makes the access to a visa easier and faster form any point. By the end of 2014, the Turkish government ought to totally replace the program of visa on arrival by an e-visa program.

Work Permit

It is a fundamental requirement that any person intending to earn an employment opportunity in turkey have a work permit. Work permits are of different types in turkey. The difference on the work permits depends on whether the person’s work permit was processed by the employer or the employee. After one has already obtained his or her work permit, then the Turkish government expects the person to apply to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Once an individual successfully obtains the Turkish visa and a work permit, then he or she should contact the Turkish Embassy in his country and the prospective employer before travelling to turkey.

Job Opportunities in Turkey

As noted earlier in the article, Turkey experiences unemployment rates of nine percent. Regardless of the situation, work opportunities for experts are still available in turkey. Turkey offers a healthy employment ground especially for the following expert areas.

Services of translation, Management Medical and healthcare jobs, Technical engineering and computer software and Hotel and restaurant management within the tourism industry.

Job Hunting in Turkey

An individual could find it challenging when they first arrive in turkey without any formalized employment positions. However, the Turkish government has its offices of the Turkish employment agency in every city in the eighty-one provinces. In order to build a successful consideration from the Turkish employment agency; one has to have a strong command of the Turkish language and other Turkish skills. On-line websites and the weekend editions of the Milliyet, Sabah and Hürriyet also offer guides to available employment opportunities. The Turkish culture also insists on personal trust. It is, therefore, important that a job seeker or a business person networks positively with local citizens in order to build trust.